On I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll

who is henry blodgett?

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On Friends Can't Let Friends Shoot People

a little history: "assault rifle" is a marketing term, coined by none other than Hitler to christian a new rifle. it designated nothing technical, only Hitler's desire for eternal attack. but... the new rifle was, in fact, revolutionary insofar as it introduced, for the first time, an "intermediate" cartridge or bullet. this cartridge wasn't as powerful as a full sized rifle bullet, nor was it as weak as the pistol cartridges used in submachine guns. what a lot of gun-illiterate -- and i don't mean that as a criticism -- people don't realize is that guns, rifles, etc., are often designed around a specific cartridge.

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On How Can We Get Artists Paid On The Internet? A Chat With David Lowery

@boyofdestiny In my neck of the woods, we use "in a coon's age."

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On How Can We Get Artists Paid On The Internet? A Chat With David Lowery

Maria Bustillos and Gawker's Mobuto Sese Seco employ the rather rare "make a dog's breakfast of..." phrase on the same day. Hmmm.

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On Twin Shadow, "Five Seconds"

another sure sign: gratuitous use of slow motion to imply meaningful action.

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On Twin Shadow, "Five Seconds"

corny as hell, song and video.

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On Legal Victory for Bubba, the Beaten Steak-Snatching Dog!

...and the guy who beat his children didn't even get a visit from CPS.

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On The Beastie Boys And Dave Chappelle, "It's The New Style"

racist? maybe. lazy? definitely. appallingly lazy. love the paragraph listing celeb tweets.

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On Why Former Guns N' Roses Bassist Duff McKagan Is Such A Likeable Dude

The last two minutes of Paradise City. Best. Bass. Ever.


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On 'The Baffler' Returns

Awesome, maybe they'll even pay contributors for this iteration!

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