On Do Bears Feel As Indignant As Rick Ross Sounds? Sure, Why The Hell Not

@Leon Saint-Jean biiiiig time. Making Big Bear Doin Thangs my profile picture was my final act on myspace a few years ago. Went out on top, I think.

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On Comic Hero Fanboys Make Terrible Comic Hero Movies

@DoctorDisaster It is not really all that complicated in terms of, you know, comics. There have been a few, but it's all basically: guy gets ring that gives him incredible powers (although some have had weaknesses to silly things like wood or anything that's yellow) and makes him a member of an international police force run by some aliens. See! Simple!

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On How to Know if You're Going to See "Season of the Witch"

"Are your initials NVC?"

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On Das Racist: "We're Not Racist, We Love White People: Ford Trucks, Apple Pies, Bald Eagles"

I do enjoy you being so incensed by their 'easy' lives that you created a commenter account to speak on it. Welcome!

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On Das Racist: "We're Not Racist, We Love White People: Ford Trucks, Apple Pies, Bald Eagles"

Like proposing that being successful and/or rich makes discrimination and racism somehow not existent or harmful? Racist remarks, you have them.

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On Condiments! The Exciting Story of Our Best Friends (And Worst Nightmare)

I struggle to express how important this is.

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On The Shocking Health News About Bacon

The meat is bacon. The taste is delicious.

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On Dear BMX Bike Rider

Public Apology is the best. The best!

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On Who Are You Awl?

If there is an actual party with actual drinks and actual lemon squares (and actual Jolie?) with actual details buried somewhere in these 490fuck comments, that would be very upsetting. Because I have a hard enough time keeping up as it is.

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On The Day I Ran Out Of Ideas

You DON'T KNOW if there is Star Wars porn? The same Star Wars that is perhaps THE beloved franchise of male nerddom? The one with a slave woman in a metal bikini? (not to mention multi-breasted aliens in various states of undress!) If there is not porn about Star Wars, there is porn about NOTHING.

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