On Interpreting the Animal Choices on the World’s Most Popular Programming Books

It makes sense that the guy who designs these is putting on show of being a condescending asshole ("oh, you wouldn't understand it, but I assure you, I'm being very clever here"). After all, he works on products written by some pretty damn smart people, and what's his job? To "put a bird on it"!

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On The Homeland Generation

"It's almost like something out of speculative fiction"

Homeland? Why not Hunger Games? I'm pretty sure you have to be born before 1965 (let alone 2005) to think Claire Danes > Jennifer Lawrence.

Seriously, there is a reason why people who are very good at marketing chose to name a show meant to be super scary and xenophobic - "Homeland"

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On War Encoded

@Lockheed Ventura You know, "in my book" saving the lives of million (or so) civilians running for their lives counts for more than "pretext of bringing democracy". But then again, I'm a sane, rational individual.

Also, why does bombing Muslim countries count and bombing Christian ones doesn't? I think "you people" have trouble keeping track of everyone we've bombed.

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On War Encoded

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On Has Your City Been Marked For Death Yet?

If replacing free reigning violent gangs of mobsters, skinheads and other fuckers with busloads of progressive and affluent tourists is now called "death", then by all means: kill my hometown now (Belgrade). There is nothing "cool" about missing out on economic activity that would provide the exhausted masses with some dignified existence.

So, yes, please, go visit Belgrade, spend as much money as possible and "ruin" it by making it boring and liberating it from that "may you live in interesting times" curse. There's been enough art. Time for some damn cuckoo clocks.

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On Why You Should Never Call Before a First Date

Ugh. Just don't forget to breathe, young people.

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On Ferguson, Missouri, According to Drudge

@Zebram Zee@facebook "this is nothing different from what virtually all sides of the political spectrum do. "

Racists and bigots are NOT "a side of the political spectrum". Inciting outrage against people's skin color is NOT the same as inciting outrage against bigotry.

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On Ferguson, Missouri, According to Drudge

@roundsquare "First there was a shooting, then riots by mostly black people, and finally a heavy police presence."

First we elected a black president, and now look at all this shit. Got it.

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On Ferguson, Missouri, According to Drudge

@473091060@twitter I don't think you are that stupid, so why do you think the rest of us are? It's absolutely possible to create your own story by creating a list of links to other stories. Matt Drudge is obviously doing what the right wing has been doing since 2008 election: trying to create an impression that the country is falling apart, and it's all Obama's fault. Heck he even has "Fuck you, Obama" right in there. I know "someone else said it and reported it, and he is only linking to it", but you have to be a complete moron to not understand that Matt Drudge is picking out these things to create a narrative of a country descending into race war, and it's all because we have a black president now.

It's racist propaganda, end of story.

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On Portrait of an Israeli Peace Protest

@postroad "I have met soldiers from other lands serving in Israel. They soon move to the right..why... read the Hamas charter. that is why."

I'm gonna take a wild guess here that adverse effects that war has on human psyche has very little to do with the READING done on the front lines.

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