On New Manhattan Doesn't Need Gas Stations

You know if the uber people are going to remake Manhattan in their own image, there really needn't be any gas stations at all -- everyone left there will be able to pay the Holland Tunnel tolls and get their gas in Jersey --

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On The Hipster Retail Crisis

@Rod T Can this be documented? Not that I really care -- I think their stuff is ugly and Way overplayed. I just would enjoy being able to tell other people who shop there about this -- maybe, with luck, it might cause them to get The Fuck out of my town!

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On Restaurant Sold

Overrated by whom? Wacky the Duck?

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On Fun With New York Times Numbers

@alicesherman Feel free - but I might have made the same observation about anyone of any gender --

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On Fun With New York Times Numbers

I can't spend the required time in order to understand this mess -- but if it's all about the unfairness of being paid $34,000 less than someone else... when Both are making over $500,000 a year -- then I call crocodile tears. Pictures of Abramson's unpleasant expressions do not help the case --

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On Fucking Steak And How To Cook It

@BadUncle Great idea... but what about Frank's?!

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On A Postcard from San Francisco

Wow - incredible glimpse -- the most shocking thing is to see the self-effacement of a San Franciscan?

One difference between Los Angeles and San Francisco, I always thought while living in the former, is that while Angelenos waxed poetic about the Bay Area, the Northerners hardly returned the favor -- you always would feel their condescension.

Doesn't make me gloat to read this: although I personally root for L.A., and do think it may become the greatest city in America before much longer, if not already, I wouldn't want to live there now either, But I'm old!

My solution? I'm moving next month from Charlottesville to another place in California... ain't saying where! I can't wait --

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On Fucking Steak And How To Cook It

Sue me -- I see this 5 years later and I say you want Duck Fat, you want a ribeye, skirt, or flatiron -- Not tasteless NY strip, you want 2 mins. per side, then finish in 375 oven for 4 mins. Bing Bang Boom. That's it -- outtahere

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On The Plot to Kill the Last Remaining Bodegas

Hey nice to read something cool about Brooklyn... for a change!

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On Ugh, What Am I Going To Do With All These Stilettos Now?

Have to say I devoured all of the stuff in that NY Magazine feature shamelessly -- if there's something I enjoy more than people doing a good job bashing Brooklyn, that would be them trashing San Francisco.

I have my reasons! Think you've banned me from commenting here! Still like and read you guys anyway!

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