I think tiny hamsters in votive holders are cute. However, I would not advocate using a hamster as a candle.

On The Sad Parents of #Gamergate

Hello! Sad Parent here!

There is a big upside to GamerGate at our house in that we are actually all sitting around the table talking (arguing) about something, instead of everyone staring at various screens, shoving food into their mouths, oblivious to the people sitting next to them.

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On Gamergate in Posterity

I have a 17 year old son and trying to point out the actual facts in this story is like trying to convince a rabid 70 year old FOX viewer that Obama is not a terrorist, born on Mars, here to take your guns.
"It's about ethics, mom. Don't you care about ETHICS?"

He's not down with the death threats though, so I guess Yay?

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On Star Born

Oh dear.

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On News Utterly Broken

But how can I eat my Chipotle Chicken Panini without my AR15?

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On How to Say Hello in American

@Gef the Talking Mongoose Make sure she knows she must not answer anything other than "good" or "fine" in the Midwest. If she has problems, that's her business. The rest of us don't need to know about that. And for goodness sakes, do NOT answer "I'm WELL, thank you, and you?" Because that's just showing off. You might as well just say you're better than the rest of us.

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On Have You Considered Your Leaders' Optics Lately?

And wear a damn tie. It proves you're presidential.

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On Premium Gore

Yes, it's gory...but stay for the beauty. The shot of the nurse rushing down the street all in white, except a tiny splash of red, against the grey/black background has not left my mind for a week. It was a stunning shot, set to a score that had nothing to do with the time period and it made me think I was watching something very different for TV.

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On On Giving Up

I've always liked Ken Layne...on politics, the environment, travel, family, whatever. He's just really good.

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On Do You Have a Question for Evelyn Everlady?

Went back and read all these pieces again...so good.
Then I got all sad when I read the comments. Where did all these commenters go? I hope they are OK and leading exotic, exciting lives in places so fabulous, so remote that the internet can not reach them:)


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On Human vs. Citi Bike: New York's Secret Struggle

The struggle is real.

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