On Stupid Striking BART Union Doesn't "Get" Silicon Valley Values

Then you see a comment like this from the article linked above and understand why they're complaining:

"I was a Bart station agent. Starting pay $33.00 per hour. 20% differential for working nights. 10% more if your a lead agent. Overtime is time and a half, double time and a half on holidays. Do the math. Average income is $80,000 to $130,000 a year, depending on seniority. I met station agents with 30 years or more seniority who bragged about there pay. One man told me " I made $125,000 last year." They don't put any $ towards retirement. And $90.00 a month towards health benefits."

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On The Great VC Coin Rush: At The Bitcoin Convention

Which do you trust more, rent-seeking politicians and dictators, or a system in which one hacker with the right code can crash it?

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On Ditz, Lightweight, Mooncalf, Naïf: The Second-Class Status Of Stevie Nicks

After seeing the 'Gypsy' video, I'm reminded that it is hard to take someone seriously who prances like a drum majorette and watches herself before a mirror doing ballet splits, and (in the 'Stand Back' video) spreads her silken wings on a grocery-store conveyor belt.

Not that I'm disagreeing with your point, just that she really had the deck stacked against her.

(You might also add that despite the respect for Buckingham's chops, his solo career had far fewer hits than Nicks'.)

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On Do You Know Why We Tell Ourselves Stories?

"Everyone is always selling somebody out. It's only writers who think that they do it in a unique or noteworthy way."

You must be thinking of Neil Gaiman, shilling for Blackberry to his Twitter followers. Oh, wait, he's calling it "patronage." That makes it taste better.

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On Let's Make the Sequester the SEA QUESTER!

Suppose your spouse came to you.

"Honey, we need to cut our budget by 2 percent."

And you respond:

"We'll have to sell the house, burn our clothes and return the car to the dealership."

That's how Obama's responding to the sequester. And you're acting just like the politicians, Ken, playing their games.

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On I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll

I'm more interested in knowing if Henry Blodgett really exists. Didn't The Onion run a bunch of columns by him?

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On The Cordial Enmity Of Joan Didion And Pauline Kael

Pity they didn't kick it up a notch, since they definitely had that East Coast/West Coast vibe going (I know, but I identify Kael with New York more than California). Besides, many writers can become known for their off-page antics than what they wrote. Just ask Truman Capote.

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