On Miguel Performs With Lots Of Smoke And A Bigger Light Show Than We're Used To Seeing On Letterman

I never imagined I'd live long enough for Streets of Fire to become wonderful.

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On Human Forms, Repent! Stop Killing Wolves And Leave Those Caribou Alone


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On Los Angeles Rag Afraid of that Coarse Mexican Language


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On Legs & Scenery: Watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

More Dana! And more Maud too, of course.

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On Here Comes the Green Salad

Nothing says microwave magic like the Vermeer milkmaid! This is blowing my mind.

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On There Is A Light That Always Goes Out


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On That Guy NPR Fired Should Totally Go Back to France

So grateful that everyone else hated him too. I thought it was just me!

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On Case Studies in Successful Self-Publishing: "To Slow Down the Time"

I was just looking into this in real life. An actual number:
240 page 5.5x8.5 paperback = $4.50
B&W text, obvs. Color would double that, or more.
Unit cost is not much more than than short run litho.

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On A Milestone That Forever Changed The Landscape Of Rite-Aid's Musical Offerings

Thank you, now I will have Soulfly in my head all day:

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On New York City Beats Alaska In Unionized Worker Rates

It's all the federal money, obvs. Thanks Ted Stevens!

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