On Do You Remember The Before-Times Without Snow

Oh, so now The Awl is at it again with their distain of the best method of preventing water-from-hitting-a-person when said water is frozen (i.e. in the form of snow flakes) and when it's "wet" (i.e. coming down as rain). Let's call it antidisumbrellamentarianism (that is, being for being against the use of an umbrella during snow)!?

Please know that not everyone uses one of those namby-pamby nylon slicky-coats (i.e. with some petrochemical, derivative, fake material other-than-a-wool-outer-shell). So I for one will go on using an umbrella when it snows (and wear shorts when I want).

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On Wanna Work In Advertising? Shave Half Your Head

In my experience, one of the best ways to prevent the HR-Directors-of-the-world from cutting short your inquiry about XYZ "hiring at the moment" (and having them suddenly search for an escape from your presence, or call) is to instead, ask for advice. People (particularly in New York) love to give advice--even without having been formally introduced, and they enjoy being helpful in that way. Asking or even hinting at wanting a job will precipitate a hasty retreat. Asking instead for an informational interview, for their insight into how you would be viewed by those "in the market" or in the professional search for your talents, and point of view-- will usually result in a meeting, your getting some advice, perhaps a further introduction. And if you have the right stuff, and XYZ (or someone they know) is hiring, they will open doors, and be glad of it. But you have to have the discipline not to tip the initial encounter into an actual ask for a job. That comes later.

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On Millennial Fired For Tweet

Glass Lewis "supports the creation and preservation of long-term shareholder value through best-in-class proxy voting solutions and high quality, independent analysis of governance, finance, accounting, legal and political risks at public companies worldwide" and "we empower institutional investors to make sound decisions by uncovering and assessing governance, business, legal, political and accounting risks at more than 23,000 companies in 100+ countries" but apparently don't train their people on best practices in how to compensate (with a gratuity) the likes of Brendon O'Connor.

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On What Do The Apps Want From Us?

And in the background, you don't have to be paranoid to wonder if the ever vague "minor bug fixes" can really mean A) "after this update you will not recognize this app nor derive the same utility from it" or B) "these updates are purely in support of our commercial interests."

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On Danny Aiello Is 80

From the NNDB profile (where the key term summary is limited to "Gender, Religion, Race or Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Occupation, and (political) Party Affiliation) we can read that "During Bill Clinton's presidency, life-long Democrat Aiello became a Republican out of disgust for the behavior of the Commander-in-Chief. "I turned in my card to become a Republican because I did not want to be known as a Democrat under that person's regime. I'm a traditionalist. I have certain values that I live by, and he practices none of those things". He also played the father in Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" video, which he later regretted, deciding that the song promoted single motherhood."

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On Wear Sunscreen And Maybe People Won't Know You're Old

Only fools don't use a good sunscreen. The options are many [ http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/europes-better-sunscreens/ ] but you have to do the work obtain them (i.e. internet order, or shop at places like Clyde's Chemists, 926 Madison Ave. (between 73rd & 74th)where they keep the good stuff stocked.

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On Did You Eat The Bones?

Every year (as of 2012) 91 million tons of chicken meat are consumed by humans (cat/dog food included I presume). It amkes you wonder if being eaten in such quantity a real measure of having "conquered the world."

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On 'NY Times' Admits You're All Journalists, Even You Cosplaying Pro-Ana Tumblr Teens

"Poor Richard’s iPad: The Return of American Journal
ism to its Roots"

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On Welcome To The New American Housing Bubble (In Coastal Elite Cities)

1. Principal forgiveness would reduce negative equity, though house price appreciation is likely to have a much greater effect in reducing the number of underwater borrowers.
2. The Obama Administration may soon appoint a new director of the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA) that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (who could then change the current policy and make principal-balance reductions possible). However, Republicans in the Senate could potentially block the nomination if they believed it was likely to lead to significant loosening of rules on mortgage refinancing or widespread principal reduction for underwater borrowers. The agency has been operating without a confirmed director since 2009.
3. Rent or Buy? It's a "total occupancy cost" question-- you are right-- those that can will buy when the cost of occupancy (compared to renting)-- is lower.
4. In time, interest rates will go up.

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On C. Everett Koop, 1916-2013

In 1988, Koop, as Surgeon General took unprecedented action in mailing information about AIDS (specifically in relation to its transmission and prevention) to every U.S. household-- the first ever pamphlet with a frank discussion of sexual practices and advocacy of condom use-- sent to every address in the US.

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