On I'm Going Back To Arizona (And You Should Probably Come Too)

It's called POSH. We opened about a year and a half ago. Best restaurant by Phoenix New Times and Best New Chef by AZ Republic (I like to brag). I work for ASU and help out on the weekends sometimes. I should go ahead and say that in no way do any comments I make on any internet site represent my husband's views. He's been trying to disavow me for years with not much luck. I'm persistent like that.

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On I'm Going Back To Arizona (And You Should Probably Come Too)

Well, my husband and I own a restaurant in Scottsdale. If you do make it back, we insist you come by! We'll only ask for your papers after you pay the check. Promise. We actually have a couple of friends in the Scottsdale Police Department. From what I'm to understand, they have no intention of enforcing this piece of crap legislation.

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On I'm Going Back To Arizona (And You Should Probably Come Too)

I really take issue with the tone of this post. I'm from Arizona and I keep seeing these types of comments again and again. Those from the coastal cities look at us and shake their heads as if to say, "Silly fly-over states, I need to come rescue you from yourselves." We don't need you.
Your friend sounds like a complete asshole. I interact with a variety of people in the state with whom I often discuss politics. The majority of people I've met disagree with this law. The 70% being thrown around is bullshit based on something like 40% of the state being legally hispanic. Many have debunked that as being inaccurate. Those I've talked to who do support the legislation know that it reads near verbatim to the federal immigration law. The issue is that it's completely inappropriate to have local police enforcing federal immigration policy. Although, I have to say, I prefer the police after having met some ICE agents.
The city from which you wrote this post probably has the same number of jerks as Arizona, including those that believe their false sense of moral superiority requires them to save everyone else below them.

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On Interview With Actor Shockingly Enjoyable

Agreed. This seems to have gotten enough buzz that I'm hoping he'll be picked up for something interesting.

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