On Even A Skinny Brian Stelter Can Take Out An Elevator

Choire, But did YOU walk up the 8 flights? Didn't see you sipping the Miss Lady Root Beer....

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On What Exactly Does New York City Offer Tech Startups Besides High Taxes?

24-hour-a-day public libraries with great wiFi and lounges to have phone calls/ Skype.

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On Ways In Which The Movie 'Cloud Atlas' Has Changed My Life

Perhaps I should call the book I'm writing which is due in 11 days and I shouldn't be here commenting on anything, but anyway, call it: Gone With the Wind; Inside the (SUBJECT WITHELD, but you get the point, I think, probably you do. Oh writing is hard.) I'm admiring how well this is actually turning out for you. Why the F not?

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On Cupcake ATM

Terrible journalism from Reuters; video does not answer basic question: Is the cupcake really "freshly baked" to each order somehow? This could actually be done using a small microwave. I have seen french fry vending machines which actually fry the fries fresh. This cupcake thing is a pink automat -- and the gal with red hair quoted looks like a PR schil. Lazy television.

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On Already Over: Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

@Tulletilsynet Countertop purchased in 1998, when there was a 10 percent.

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On Already Over: Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kwire, Mine is Ikea butcher block. Why anyone would want anything other than a countertop you can cut on anywhere you like, that costs like $200 total, is beyond me, total aspirational stupidity as you note. And what of all the disfigured granite now, wandering the plains hornless, defenseless?

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