On Why Won't Anybody Say That "Noah" Is Terrible?

@JLK I'd like to think that the head of a "pretty normal family" can spell above a third grade level.

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On SoulCycle SoulCycle SoulCycle

Always fun and unexpected. I mean, Soulcycle is as embarrassingly uncool as, say...

• Danny's eyes-forward stationary handlebar gymnastics
• String's distressed ballcap
• Eliana's type A+ ex-lawyer enlightenment
• Taye's not-on-a-real-bike wig
• Emily's badass Kyokujitsu-ki and Lady Yakuza sleeves
• Rique's deep-v
• Jolie's fitness addict thousand yard stare
• Jeremy's sassy mixtape skills

...but you've made your case here.

Also, commenters complaining about about Mary: your "new" is showing.

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