On The Legend of the Legend of Bunko Kelly, the Kidnapping King of Portland

I guess these days guys would be falling all over themselves to get a job on a ship. Better than flipping burgers.

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On The Borowitz Problem

Why do people get so upset about Andy Borowitz? Probably because of the 6%? If nobody liked him, his detractors wouldn't care, it's his success that rankles so.

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On Conflict Apps

Everybody who downloads the app gets on to the AIPAC mailing list.

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On To Karl Ove Knausgård, Re: Your Tortured Feelings for the Gays

Yeah, KOK sucks, shoot the bastard.

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On Preview: 'Lucy'

@Ralph Haygood Seconded. I miss those deeply nested tirades.

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On A Unified Theory of Why Money Makes No Sense Right Now

What it is really boiling down to in the end is that the rich aren't as rich as they think they are. Fundamentally, the asset prices depend on cash flows. Cash flows depend on people spending money. If people have no money, there is no cash flow. Therefore the asset prices eventually have to collapse.

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On Nothing Will Ever Be Good Again

Well since the population of the US has been growing at less than 2% a year for more than 50 years, I guess that means we're all rich now.

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On The Uber Diaries

I mean, is he lucky or did he just ignore the boring ones? Nice piece.

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On Death to Negronis

Nice article by a man of obviously impeccable taste and named after a very respectable old brand of Scotch whisky.

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On Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

@Niko Bellic I'm afraid you are the victim of a kind of collective fallacy here. One man cannot make all men stop being dicks. Problem therefore not soluble by one man. One man -- or in this case, particular men -- therefore entitled to complain.

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