On How Amazon Solved the Problem of Work

@deepomega Oh I don't know about that. What about the faithful retainers who spent their lives from cradle to grave on the feudal estates? Or Bob Crachit? Or even the stewards of the vineyards in the old testament? More research needed, I'd say.

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On Eat the Skin

I find iceberg lettuce one of the most delicious leaves on the planet. Stop being a snob and open your mind.

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On Portrait of an Israeli Peace Protest

Thanks for this very depressing piece, which confirms what one has been reading in other media. It seems impossible that this situation should end well.

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On The Dangers of Recovering Your Stolen Bike from Somebody Who Is Much Larger Than You Are

Well that took some balls. I would've called the cops and then done the lock trick. Well done, anyway!

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On The Legend of the Legend of Bunko Kelly, the Kidnapping King of Portland

I guess these days guys would be falling all over themselves to get a job on a ship. Better than flipping burgers.

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On The Borowitz Problem

Why do people get so upset about Andy Borowitz? Probably because of the 6%? If nobody liked him, his detractors wouldn't care, it's his success that rankles so.

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On Conflict Apps

Everybody who downloads the app gets on to the AIPAC mailing list.

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On To Karl Ove Knausgård, Re: Your Tortured Feelings for the Gays

Yeah, KOK sucks, shoot the bastard.

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On Preview: 'Lucy'

@Ralph Haygood Seconded. I miss those deeply nested tirades.

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On A Unified Theory of Why Money Makes No Sense Right Now

What it is really boiling down to in the end is that the rich aren't as rich as they think they are. Fundamentally, the asset prices depend on cash flows. Cash flows depend on people spending money. If people have no money, there is no cash flow. Therefore the asset prices eventually have to collapse.

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