On Bare Ruined Choirs, Hairy Ripened Balls

All may not be lost. I was stunned to discover during the HBO Rolling Stones documentary that the choir on "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is a choir of grown-ups! Those are grown ladies singing, not boys! The ladies will just have to pick up the slack.

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On In Defense Of Boredom


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On Miss Simone's Ninth-Grade Hip Hop Appreciation Class in Brooklyn


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On The Evil Economics Of Judging Teachers

The thing to remember and emphasize is that the effectiveness of a school (relative to whatever preparation the students might have) is the cumulative result of a whole bunch of decisions made by individual teachers. Teachers can act in isolation and out of fear. They can also act in a network of support and trust. Networks of support and trust come from real monetary investment in the people doing the work. Etc. Etc Etc.

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On What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

@ennaenirehtac It is just college, except for the fact that everyone has to have this weird conversation about it all the time.

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On What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

Both this article and the previous one and the comments end up being about the same thing. You can say "I went to Harvard". You can say "Harvard is just college". But saying "I went to Harvard; Harvard is just college" starts a whole weird conversation of its own.

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On A Tribe Called Quest: The Time They Nearly Kicked It

@En Vague Isn't it "Relax yourself girl, no pre-set plan"? I guess any excuse to go listen to it again is a good one...

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On White House Finally Bows To Astrologer's Demands!

As someone with a "II" at the end of my name, I am glad to know at last that I am not the only one.

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On My Life Without A Cell Phone: An Amazing Tale Of Survival

I want to say I like the freedom of walking the earth unencumbered by any device, but a cellphone can easily be left in a drawer. I don't have a cellphone because I'm cheap and rarely need one. Phones are everywhere. No one needs to call me. I am okay with that.

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On Reading Poetry for No Reason

I like Elizabeth Bishop and I do not feel like a poseur.

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