On A Photo Tour of Williamsburg's Latest Real Estate Travesty

this renovation is exactly what the church's "no sordid use" deed restriction was intended to prevent. http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/34/49/dtg_churchbellsaved_2011_12_09_bk.html

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On Justice Served


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On Gays Assassinate CEO

@pissy elliott straights can do whatever they want in their private lives; we just don't want them near our browsers.

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On Why Won't Anybody Say That "Noah" Is Terrible?

on the bright side, God promised there would be no sequel.

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On What's Behind This Totally Nonexistent Epidemic Of Banker Suicides?

@camelface Bernard Madoff's son killed himself in town, so this is still technically true

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On How To Dress For Your Punk Rock Book Signing When You're Over 40

As if anyone under 40 is going to hold a punk rock book signing.

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On Meet The Awl

@cinetrix registering quickly for The Awl is the best thing that's happened to me since 2007, personal branding/social media persona-wise. [cries into hands]

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On Someday A Jury Will Read Your Stupid Emails And You Will Feel Shame

very gentlemanly of you to redact his email address, which is apparently still active.

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On Inside.com Then, Inside.com Now

yeah, we all thought content creation was the next big thing. how wrong we all were.

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On First They Came For The Art Collectors

"said Len Riggio" LEN RIGGIO

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