On I Have An Evaporated Vodka Message For You

I'd just assume any message translated via vodka is immediately changed into "U UP?/"

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 5:57 pm 1

On Crosseyed Bear Sucks Thumb

Is this the same cross-eyed bear that Dave Coulier gave to Alanis?

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On Every Teen Should Have Their Phone Taken Away RIGHT NOW, SERIOUSLY, NOW

I'm a little dubious? Like, as they say, "data" isn't the plural of "anecdote."

Like, yeah, teens are The Worst. Teens have always been, and will always be, The Worst. Something, something, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, something something, now it's worse than ever? Not sure I'm buying it.

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On Kids Making Drinking More Efficient

Yes, definitely, ask the guy from DrugFree.org for some completely objective, unbiased, non-hysterical information about substance use. Great plan.

Also: how is it NOT fewer calories? I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure you don't digest stuff with your lungs.

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On Women Remember Better At Remembering Than Men Because They Actually Pay Attention In The First Place

I have borderline prosopagnosia, and it drives my girlfriend (who is one of those "recognizes all the character actors" kind of people) freaking NUTS. I'm glad(?) it's not just me.

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On New York City to Ban Awls

The City Council is clearly in the pocket of Big Belt.

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On New Study Proves Everyone On Twitter Is Terrible

@Smedley T #nabobs

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On William Shatner, Reddit, And The Complications Of "Free Speech" On The Internet


I think the tension between the internet being a place where anyone could potentially be exposed to anything vs the internet being a place where everyone is free to self-select their own experiences (see, e.g., Respectful Microsoft Employee's comment above) is really interesting (& maybe worth exploring further? #hinthint?)

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On Blancmange: A Tale of Failure and Delight

@Alex Rosenthal@facebook THANK YOU. "Through a book"? Pfffft.

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On The Coming Coffee Apocalypse

Somewhere, the Mio Energy people are cackling to themselves in their garishly fluorescent lair.

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