On "Daily Show" Writer Jason Ross On Writing For Free and Breaking Into Comedy

This is the lamest callout, but: I love love love the discussion of all things inland California, HOWEVER there is no UC Chico; it's Chico State, part of CSU.

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On The Awesome Album Milla Jovovich Made When She Was 16

"EMI/SBK gave her free reign to produce an album based around her poetry ... and it was released two and a half years later."

So, recorded when she was 16.

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On Gerrymandered, U.S.A.

@roboloki I'm from the Meatwad! Formerly represented by Gary Condit, and that's the least of our embarrassments. Thank God (and the state's voters, for once) for the new independent redistricting commission.

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On The 20 Largest American Cities, In Order Of The Last Time They Elected A Democratic Mayor

San Jose: Nov 2, 2010, no?

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On Revisiting the Magical Land of Northern California

@Dave Bry SERIOUSLY, it does NOT rhyme with "terra cotta." The Nevada Tourism Bureau (http://travelnevada.com/) is even fighting an (unwinnable) battle on this front, with a "short A" symbol in the logo and everything.

Displaced West Coaster out.

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On Tom Zé Plays New York This Summer

Uh, presale password anyone?

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On The New 'Newsweek'

Can we ask why they keep giving Niall Ferguson cover stories? Ever since the "OBAMA DESTROYED EGYPT!!!" headline he's been batting...what's the opposite of 1.000?

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On Dress Yourself Bloggy

Sullivan is a horrible person and wearing his shirt would be worse than wearing a Doors shirt, which is pretty awful.

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On This Is Why Your Startup Failed: The Magic of Quora

So it's ask.metafilter behind a registration wall?

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On White People Clothes and "Old Money Green"

At my no-one-gives-a-shit high school, there was a Korean guy affectionately nicknamed "the dirty Joo." Ah, memories.

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