On Is America's Love Affair With Living In Its Automobiles Coming To An End?

Maybe someone can prevail on Google to homestead a new area with a used bus or two.

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On Meet The Awl


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On A Pee Grows In Brooklyn

Get with the times, people.


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On Bicycles Are Obviously New York City's Number One Menace!

@ejcsanfran According to Randy Cohen (NYT) the ticketed cyclists can take solace in passing a Kantian moral test.

Cf. http://www.cyclelicio.us/2012/felix-salmon-ride-legally/

And you thought urban cycling was just about getting home instead of admitted into a hospital or morgue!

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On Soon Raising Chickens Will Be Mandatory In Brooklyn

@hman The Fall did a Free Range (Code Selfish).

Nothing to do with chickens that I can make out.

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On The Past Actually Is Past

Tell me all about it.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

Look Homeward Angel.

1.5 times through.

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On 46 Things to Read and See for David Foster Wallace's 50th Birthday


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On 'Time' Magazine Now 23 Cents an Issue

Veranda! How about Fire Escape? You know - for people who have to manage pet containers, barbecues, and dead plants in a small space.

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On The Scourge Of Pour-Over Coffee

@bocadelperro Blue Bottle isn't even local in SF! At least some people thought not. There were suggestions that Ritual considers Dolores Park to be its lawn and Blue Bottle is invited to keep its cart off it!

(Not that I believed them.)

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