On There Was New York

Zadie Smith looks out the window and wishes she lived in Brooklyn.

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On Can't We All Just Get Along? Oh, Right. No.

"With any luck, that will come in a forthcoming book."

Wait, this was just Scocca's book proposal posted online, wasn't it? Post the proposal online, track clicks and references in other articles and tweets as proof of market and then email the zip file to a publishing house as evidence of how the idea is book-worthy (like sponge-worthy!)? Then in 2017 someone writes post criticizing Scocca criticizing Denby criticizing Choire, tracks clicks, refs and tweets as evidence of how it's sponge-worthy and then hopefully a comet strikes Earth ending life as we know it.

What was that post Balk made about only producing garbage that certain people want?

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On Who's Endorsing Whom? A Complete Guide To New York City's Mayoral Race

Listeners of the Savage Lovecast (micro and magnum editions) will know that Dan Savage has endorsed Anthony Weiner as well.

Or said that he's really hoping voters grab ahold of Weiner and put him in to office.

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On Mushrooms Might Make You Suck Less

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On Clause About As Close To Universal As Possible

Is there a German word for the frustration you feel when you paid $10 to see Bullworth in a crowded multiplex theater in Queens in 1998 and every article you read pretends that Bullworth sold six tickets at the Quad in a lone week-long run?

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On The White Mandingos, "The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me"

Call me crazy, but I just pulled out my cassette of their self-titled album and I believe the band is called "Bad Brains." Tried to not say it and just think it, but failed.

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On Let's Make the Sequester the SEA QUESTER!

Let's give Ken the benefit of the doubt and believe he didn't take this joke from this weekend's Wait Wait Don't Tell me.

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On Why Is Woman So Disliked?

If Awl pal Richard Lawson, who has been the most lucid, detailed and consistent Anne Hathaway hater on the Internet, would please explain why it's still OK to hate Anne Hathaway per your hypothetical, that would be very helpful.

While he's at it, if he could explain what being "too theatre" or "too much of a theater kid" is, vis a vis every other actor in human history, that would be very helpful, too.

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On I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll

Yuck - this reads like an early draft of Bane's speech on the football field in Dark Knight Rises or some other stock villain from a superhero movie.

I would, however, like to read similar "the more you hate me the more I get paid" touchdown dances from Ken Layne, Tom Scocca, Drew Magary and other loathsome demi-provocateurs - can this just be a weekly feature? Clear statements of purpose make the world a better place.

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On It May Not Be Evil But Quinoa Does Pretty Much Suck

Sigh. You are just another man who wants to tell us to eat something.

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