On Woman Best

@C_Webb All she needs is a little Kelly Hogan, and sometimes not even that.

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On Death Cab For Youth: Getting Older With Former Sadsack Ben Gibbard

@blueblazes Sixteen Military Wives FTW.

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On Antonin Scalia Is Chief Justice Of Trolling

Man's got a point. I mean, you choose to abuse a child. You choose to be gay. You choose to be black. Sound legal reasoning being utilized by a Supreme Court justice there, boys and girls.

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On Jimmy Cliff Is 65

Saw him live a few months ago. Dude can still sing and move.

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On Should You Be Allowed To Work From Home? (Answer: No)

@Jason Lujan@facebook http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-103514372/stock-photo-one-of-them-doing-exercise-and-other-blowing-to-friend-s-face-like-a-wind.html Yahoo, indeed!

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On Our Top 11 Movies to Skip This Holiday Season

@shostakobitch Listen to your friend, Billy Zane.

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On The 10 Best Music Videos Of 2012 That Are Not Gangnam Style

Misty FTW.

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On Happy Birthday Keith Richards

@Dave Bry Keith doesn't care.

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On Seven Great Under-the-Radar Christmas Albums

Came here to say "Ramsey." I think he has two holiday-themed albums, no?

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On Happy Reverse Racism Day!

"I am a 42 yr old white woman who grow up in the texas." -- ATWICCT

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