On Gentry Horny

It's a good thing Mr. Roper's dead, because this would have killed him.

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On Reddit Reeling From Brutal Dox Of Alleged Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto

@stuffisthings You are a BITCH!

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On On "Dawson," on "Dexter," on "Damages": The Artists and Art of TV Shows

I loved this! The painting in the Gossip Girl screencap is by Kevin Fey. www.kevinfey.com

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On Myth Eviscerated

@Brunhilde At least it's not about The Tipping Point.

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On Less Ambitious Raccoons Settle On Invading Chicago

Chicago's even worse than that podunk shithole Austin Texas, which admittedly is getting better, but still shitty.

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On Here Is How To Make All Your Friends Hate You

Of course that assumes that they don't already.

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On What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

"even though Luke is one of its least memorable characters" What are you, a goldfish?

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On No Darts For Jesus


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