On What Exactly Does New York City Offer Tech Startups Besides High Taxes?

You can’t overestimate the value of culture. My startup nearly got destroyed because we tried to get it rolling in a shithole that nobody wanted to live in. Things turned around the very minute we relocated to NYC.

One could just as easily ask, "why does *anyone* live in NYC when it’s cheaper to be [anyplace else]?” But nobody asks that question, because everybody knows the answer.

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On Ask An Ex-Mormon! A Conversation

Nice interview. I do have to take issue with Beau's notion that Mormonism isn't particularly sexist. Young Mormon girls are indoctrinated to believe that their best possible future is as a housewife and a mother to as many children as she can bear. My own grandparents vocally described my mother as a "disappointment" because she only had two children, and speculated on "the great things she could have accomplished with her intelligence if she had been born a man."

I suppose this level of sexism isn't unusual in any Christian denomination, but the Mormon representation of it always felt a little pronounced to me. Dunno. At any rate, it's real; the church wants to see women back in the home and supported by their breadwinners.

A funny aside: Mormon Sunday School is sexually segregated, and for three years we lived in a small Montana town where I was the only boy. Thus I spent several years as a "Merry Miss," which never fails to crack up every Mormon and ex-Mormon I've shared this with.

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