On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

How does Ross Perot fit into all this?

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On Train Terrible

@jfruh The thinking is that a dedicated line will encourage further development as it shows a commitment to the waterfront. In particular, attracting office developments as opposed to strictly residential. The MTA has a waterfront dedicated bus, the B32, that now that runs up Kent to LIC. It is a total dud and runs every 30 minutes. I think a streetcar works if it has a dedicated lane separated from traffic as in SF and many other cities. I highly doubt the MTA is open to change and introducing a new means of transit is unlikely in an inept, staid bureaucratic agency like the MTA. I am sure if they can find a way, they will spend millions "studying" the proposal through 2025.

This is a line that should be developed now as the development has already reach a critical mass. The Domino development will bring in many more residents and office space that would greatly benefit from a dedicated line. Bloomberg could have pulled this off, DeBlasio not so much.

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On Train Terrible

@brianvan The G train only nominally serves the waterfront in Greenpoint, for most of the line it does not overlap with this proposal.

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On Bad News For People Who Loved 'Good News'

I feel ya, bruh. MM will always be a "new" band to me. My go-to driving through Wyoming music.

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On All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

@Bus Driver Stu Benedict You're quite the witty one.

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On All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

We're making fun of ethnic names now? Welp, indeed.

You know, little Sammy should be reminded that once upon a time Ochs-Sulzberger was considered a strange name in Brooklyn.

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On Big Words Bad, Gone Soon

President Camacho approves.

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On Mayor Not "Taken" With Movie Star's Argument (Hahahaha GET IT?)

Right, because Da Blaze should eliminate hundreds of unionized jobs because......"progressive!(tm)".

Da Blaze is afraid to actually visit the stables because this is a decision based on political graft, not merit, and Da Blaze knows it.

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On Meet The Awl

So the last five years was all just a beta test in Tommy Westphall's snow globe or something?

I've always known that Wirecutter was nothing more than a fantasy in the mind of an autistic child, but even Hairpin is but a dream?

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On Major Lazer, "Lose Yourself"

Well, if the music doesn't "wake you up", the racist and misogynistic video certainly should do the trick. This video needs a trigger warning or three.

Once again (sigh), scantily clad, booty popping Women of Color are nothing more than mere "props" for male artists who are fully clothed in suits. Why do you endorse this tired, racist, misogynistic trope? This is Blurred Lines and Miley Cyrus all over again.

Near naked, Women of Color offer nothing more than their bouncing brown booties to the culture appropriating WHITE OVERSEER, DIPLO, who of course is fully clothed in a suit and tie. Why is the white man even present (he is not singing) other than to oversee the black women bowing to him in a sexually provocative manner?

Add that the video is shot in a Caribbean, post-colonialist, former European slave colony and the image of Women of Color offering themselves to a white man in a suit becomes an overwhelming toxic stew. Besides shots of a plantation (of course!), the women thrust around in an decrepit abandoned factory. Was the factory closed down due to neoliberal trade policies perhaps? In the face of a closed factory, is the message of the video that the only thing that Women of Color of this former slave colony can offer the white man in a business suit is their booty? These are serious issues that are glossed over by the throw away description "Also, this is GREAT."

The factory shots of scantily clad women of color combine pornographic images with "ruin porn", the other favorite fetish of white hipster class.

Seriously, hire women of color in editorial roles who will help you to check your privileges.

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