I'm the Sr. Editor of an international gay party magazine. The death of my print model is bigger than the death of your print model. Aatom Smith hasn't been my real name for more than ten years.

On New Subway Line to Connect Brooklyn and Some Other Borough

I understand there's a plan to start running a ferry service to Staten Island as well. A ticket stub to the 9/11 Memorial gets you free passage!

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On And Now It's Something Else

More room for banks and Thai restaurants.

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On Have You Ever Experienced Solitary Subway Psychosis?

@Brendan O'Connor@facebook No. Obviously SSP is different from "Oh look! There are a million people in that car but only ONE in this one!" which is what I assume you are talking about here. The former is when you are drunk and sing Madonna while swinging on the handrails, the other is when a person publicly shits their pants and is a constant reminder of the frustrating, often quite pungent futility of life.

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On Distract Your Brain Back To Sleep

I'm calling bullshit, the liquor thing totally works.

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On Turn Your Blog Into A Book: The Next Generation

Try a try.

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On Disbelief Registered

But did we ever figure out how much privacy we have on Twitter?

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On Writing In Public

@either_ada This isn't a clean metaphor you're using. It's not a matter of safety in public, it's a matter of visibility. You can stay home if you wish to avoid the gaze of others, or find a private meeting space for a like-minded community. But you can't walk down a public street and get angry when people look at you.

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On Passionate Wait Almost Over

Balk's cock is back.

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On Meet The Awl

It's Awl good.

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On The E Train: A Colloquy

Say what you want, but if you lived at the Jamaica/Van Wyck stop in Queens for a year and a half 14 years ago, the E was the only thing that kept you sane. That baby packs serious heat once you get out of Manhattan, hurtling underneath Queens Blvd toward the ends of the Earth. Our illegal basement apt. was a complete shit-hole, often literally filling up with feces, but I knew the E train would get me to the city reliably and as quickly as possible. It even has its own unique rumble that far out. The E is cool by me.

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