On The Pedophiles Who Didn't Want to Hurt Children

Excellent reasoning by Luke. I can't say I'm excited to read the story, but I have a better frame of reference now. Thanks for the interview, Choire.

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On The Cathedral Ruins

Quite a lovely piece. St. John the Divine is my favorite cathedral in NYC, one of the top five.

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On A Scary Halloween Story

Oh damn, catching up on this site a few days after the holiday and I didn't see that coming. Well done.

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On Hard Candy Shell Claims Another Victim: The Slate Redesign

Slate's the latest to install that Banner Thing. Why!? Who really thinks a stalking Banner Thing (with an exaggerated shadow!) is attractive or worthwhile? Are readers too lazy to apple+up-arrow? Do the designers think readers forgot what site they're on? Are they so desperate for readers to share what they're reading that they don't care if anyone read it? So many questions.

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On Band Plays Song Like They Wrote It

In the correction, it was as if AP didn't really quite believe it--they called it a "version." That head-scratcher had more people on my Twitter feed riled up than the original (admittedly stupid) mistake.

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On The Olds Don't Know Where Facebook Is

I'm afraid I'm now an Old——I found this incoherent. (The irony is that my school was the fifth or sixth in Boston to have The Facebook. In theory, I should've understood it.)

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On Lisa Kudrow Is 50

I never really "got" her until Web Therapy. Glad that show's found a home.

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On Images of Last Night in New York City

auto-video I can't seem to stop on the front page? hrm.

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On David Lynch And Trent Reznor Pay Tribute To Pokemon Seizure Video

I hope the arena tour is as intense as the video.

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On Life After Koh Masaki

Interesting—I didn't realize the stigma the gays face in Asia.

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