On A Decade Later, Whither the Metrosexual

I was once called a "gay beatnik" because I was slim and wore nice jeans

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On Cate Le Bon, "Duke"

She gets a lot more Nico comparisons

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On "Better and Worse Than You Thought It Was"

Ugh. Every now and then I'll catch a few minutes of their TV show and it always makes me feel unclean watching those slimy bottom-feeders sitting around yukking it up about catching some celeb coming out of a nightclub or following them around when they're shopping.

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On Nation Loses Game By Default

Jimmy John's are the only ones who sound like they're actually watching the game. I'd buy something from them - whatever it is they sell.

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On The Collage Artist

Listening to it right now and it's both incredibly silly and beautiful at the same time. Like a lot of great pop music.

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On What Time Is 2016?

It could be a pram

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On This

@KarenUhOh This

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On The Hipster Retail Crisis

My best friend's wife was just made president of Urban Outfitters. Think she has her work cut out for her though.

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On The Glorious End Of Cereal

Keep your yogurty hands off my Smart Start

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On Ruth Reichl On David Foster Wallace's "Consider The Lobster": "He Argued Over Every Edit"

@Matthew Phelan They were just very sensitive about it given their history. I was in the art dept so couldn't tell you any details, it just became a running joke: "Oh, Ben has reviewed another WWII book! Ad sales will be pissed!"

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