On 14 People Who Should Run The 'New York Times' Mag

All great ideas. Especially Janice, Tom, Clara, Lotto.

That said, putting a $20 spot on Sam Sifton's name.

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On Six Lesser-Known "Golden Ages" of Media, 1991 - 2005

"Greg Lindsay, in some airport somewhere." You forgot "Jeopardy champ"! Also, Bry works at 'Plex.

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On We Endorse The Hooker Dude


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On An Hour Of Relaxing Music

This is some really great FACISM APOLOGIST MUSIC #apologists #facism

[Also, Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover." Just saying.]

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On The 10 Best Music Videos Of 2012 That Are Not Gangnam Style

This list is wrong because "Bad Girls" isn't on it.

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On The Calendar of Fancy New York Media Holiday Parties!

Needs more Google Maps.

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On How Long Can You Keep a Job Editing a Publication in New York?

Pre-aughts, but Graydon Carter only lasted ten months at the Observer. Not sure how long Susan Morrison made it for. Historians, come forth.

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On What TV Character Have You Wanted to Be?

Julie, all that everything, with one very important distinguishment: It was Wonder Woman.

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On The Latest Sad Fate of an Aggregation Serf

This was fantastic. Nothing else.

The Washington Post's general outlook on news that isn't written in their own ink (i.e. The Internet) is equal parts resentment and ignorance. For further examples, see: Paul Farhi's reaction to TBD, the mishandling of Dave Weigel's resignation, Dana Milbank's "mad bitch" video, Mike Wise's "Twitter experiment" (and Howard Kurtz called Mike Wise's punishment "harsh" when it happened), and Michael Tunison's firing, to name a few. They show no signs of slowing down.

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

Too insidery.

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