On The Perils of Extreme Pubic Grooming

Is it weird and insidery to not use her full name? Or are you worried that someone will be all "or is this just Tarantino's new thing?"

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On The End Of Comments

3 comments on the average Awl post these days, seems about right.

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On The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

"What are people who complain about "the race to the bottom" never the ones creating the stuff at the top?"

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On A Conversation With Matt Taibbi and Molly Crabapple

Wait, rich people buy art?


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On Meet The Awl

Two white dudes hired two other white dudes to run their website? Cool 2014 bro.

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On Sochi Olympics Photo—Or Site-Specific Contemporary Art Installation?

Not that much wealth and privilege. The Matta-Clark does not have the correct title.

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On Can't We All Just Get Along? Oh, Right. No.

Wait, so Kreepie Kats were supposed to be compassionate? Very confusion.

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On Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

@1969405363@twitter (The Awl is known to host an excellent and valuable group of commenters.)

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On Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

Is this a post or a memo to Shankman about developing sponsored content opportunities?

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On 22 Things I Still Remember About The Bloomberg Era

"Gather round the fire kids, Choire's gonna tell us all about David Wojnarowicz!"

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